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Breakfast Club with ‘Magic Breakfast'

At St John’s CE(A) Primary School, we are proud to be in partnership with ‘Magic Breakfast’, who provide our school with a healthy, nutritious breakfasts for our pupils, so that they are settled and ready to learn.  ‘Magic Breakfast’ is a superb charity that follows our Vision and Values for our children.  We believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and provides our children with the necessary ‘fuel for learning’.  This is why our ‘Classroom Breakfast bagels’ are available for all our children for their morning ‘fuel’, whether they attend our Breakfast Club or not.

Parents who wish to use our Breakfast Club must book a place in advance – booking forms are available from our office.  At the moment places are limited due to Covid 19 restrictions.  However, in September 2021 we hope to have more places so we hope you can join us then.

Breakfast Club begins at 7.30am until 8.15am.

For breakfast we have on offer:

  • fresh orange juice/apple juice or milk;
  • water is always available, with refills if needed;
  • toasted bagels with low fat buttery spread;
  • a choice of cereal;
  • and a choice of seasonal fruit.

Our children are greeted by our Breakfast Club staff: Mrs Bettany and Mrs Colley and when they have eaten their breakfast there are a range of morning activities to enjoy.

Our breakfast activities include:

  • table football;
  • colouring;
  • puzzles;
  • table games ;
  • and these are changed daily.

This is what some of the children that attend our Breakfast Club think:

I like playing games before school with my friends.  Archie Y4

I like meeting and chatting with my friends.  Ratan Y5

It gets me ready for the day.  Oscar Y4

I like the breakfast.  Jeffrey Y3

Breakfast Club with ‘Magic Breakfast'

Due to COVID-19 our After School Club is not operating at the moment.
We hope to resume this as soon as we are able. If you would require a place in the future please contact the school office, where we will keep your expressed interest on file. We will then contact you when we are able to resume the club.

Please click the link to view our Free After School Club options.

"Cuckoos" Wrap around care club

Time: 3-6 pm

cost: £5
Light tea and structured activities included (Reception class to Year 6)
To book a place please pop into the office.