Collective worship

At St John's we believe that Collective Worship is an important time in which we all gather together to reflect, celebrate, share ideas and ask 'big' questions. All staff, pupils and visitors are welcomed to take part in our collective worship (no matter what faith they follow) as it is an integral part of school life.

Collective worship takes place daily - this can be as a whole school, as a Key Stage or within the classroom. Collective worship allows pupils time to reflect upon key themes in the Bible or local and global events. Candles play an important part of our worship: during whole school worship a trinity of candles is lit helping us to celebrate God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, the single candle which is lit in each class room during worship helps us to remember that Jesus is the light of the world and present even in darkness.

All classrooms have a worship area in which pupils' thoughts and ideas from collective worship are displayed, it is also an area in which our children are encouraged write their own prayers and reflections. These prayers and reflections may then be used during future worship. All worship areas are situated in the same place within each classroom although children are aware that they can talk to God anywhere.