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At St John’s CE (A) Primary School the teaching of Science plays an important role in our appreciation of God’s world and the development of all children into healthy global citizens.

We believe it is important that children are encouraged to question and explore the world around them, being inspired by what they see and experience. Through curiosity, questioning and scientific study (within the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics), children at St John’s develop a sense of wonder which becomes the motivation for them to expand their understanding of the world and how things work.

They will be enabled to build their knowledge, vocabulary and methodologies, recognising the wide-ranging uses of science. Alongside this, they will be acquiring skills which allow them to flourish in other areas of the curriculum or future roles within the wider community.  

7 Principles of Super Science at St John’s Primary School: 

  • Is progressive, building on children’s prior learning and knowledge; 

  • Encourages children to ask and answer their own questions to further their knowledge; 

  • Tackles misconceptions and teaches children to be mindful of misleading or inaccurate information; 

  • Uses accurate scientific vocabulary; 

  • Encourages children to make decisions and to be critical when engaging in scientific enquiry; 

  • Includes Wow! moments of memorable learning (inspirational); 

  • Is explicitly linked to life in the modern world and relevant to our children (aspirational). 


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